Employment Opportunities

The affiliated facilities of SentosaCare pride themselves on providing the highest level of quality patient care. That's why it is the fastest growing group of nursing facilities in the region, caring for thousands of residents, 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week… with a total focus on the well-being of each and every individual.

The facilities have expanded their clinical services to meet the growing needs of the community and now offer specialized care, short and long term rehabilitation, and unique medical, nursing and rehabilitative programs at convenient locations throughout the NY Metropolitan area.

The affiliated facilities of SentosaCare are wonderful places to work. Just ask an of the thousands of employees who work for one of the many facilities. The facilities value the skill, experience and commitment of each of its employees and appreciate their contributions.

SentosaCare affiliated facilities are committed to hiring only the finest health care professionals. An extensive nursing recruitment program brings some of the finest nurses from around the world.

The SentosaCare affiliated facilities offer:

  • Excellent Salary
  • Excellent Benefits
  • Free Meals
  • Free Parking (certain locations)
  • Opportunity For Advancement
  • Professional and Supportive Environments

Each facility is an Equal Opportunity Employer and offers different areas of expertise, services and programs. From long term care to short term rehabilitation, subacute services to medically complex care, and from bariatric rehabilitation to HIV care.

By clicking on a facility's name listed below, you will see what job opportunities they have posted. If you do not see a job opening that is of interest to you, feel free to contact the facility directly.

Avalon Gardens Rehabilitation & Health Care Center

Bayview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Grace Plaza Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Spring Creek Rehabilitation & Nursing Care Center

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